Many of you have been emailing me privately and via FB and asking when you get a peek at Hudson’s story, REBORN.

Ask and  you shall receive.  I’ll be posting snippets over the next few weeks, and then I hope you’ll all join me for the release party, which I will let everyone know about beforehand.

So on to REBORN:

Just like at the bar, her piercing green stare felt like she could see through the charade he had carefully constructed, and she knew the lies he had told. 

He studied her face.  Goddammit, she was what they described as a classic beauty.  Smooth porcelain skin.  High cheekbones. Full lips.  There wasn’t a flaw anywhere on her face that he could see.  She sat with her back ramrod straight, her shoulders pushed back, her chin lifted.  He was reminded of pictures of royalty as he looked at her, except they all tended to look like they had a broomstick stuck up their asses and attached to their spines.  For Beverly, the way she carried herself was natural.

Women like her had never held an interest for him.  He always went for the ones with a bit of a hard edge.  The party girls.  Hell, he’d been with hookers many, many times.  He had always felt that women like Beverly deserved more than he could offer.  The others were simply looking for a body or to get paid.  Of course, he would love nothing more than to have such a woman, but all he could give her would be a night of nothing but fucking, maybe some cuffs or a blindfold to fulfill to an erotic fantasy.  He didn’t have much else.  Perhaps an omelet in the morning, but there wasn’t much more to the what-can-Hudson-give-a-woman list.