I am putting together a Holiday Blog Hop for our readers.   For those who are unfamiliar with a blog hop, here is the basic premise:

I will set up a page here on my blog that will have your website name (or author name) and link.  Think of it as the central phone book for the blog hop.

Each author will notify their list of followers, fans, etc., of the blog hop and how to get started in it, which would either be through the author website or through the “phone book” page here, whichever you choose.

When a reader clicks on your link, it will take them to a page on your website where you are giving away a book (s), gift cards – whatever you want.  You can promote a new book, or give away a book that’s been out for a while.  It doesn’t matter.

To enter to win, the reader leaves a comment on that page.  Then the reader will be directed back here (to the “phone book”)  so that they can continue on to the next author.

At the end of the Blog Hop, each author will pick the winner from those readers who have left comments, and then notify them and award the prize.

This is a great way to connect with and grow your list of readers/potential readers.

The dates:  Begins December 9 at 8 am Pacific time, and ends December 11 at midnight.

To participate, please send me an email at CarlyFall@gmail.com.  I will have a banner designed in the next week or so  for you to display on your website.