When the past haunts the future, a vampire’s life is at stake … 

After watching the agonizing death of her mother, Sami Karim’s need to flee her empty family home overwhelms her. As a vampire without any special abilities, she feels lost and depressed. When she’s invited into the clandestine organization of Operation Underworld, she readily accepts the offer. To her utter shock and dismay, she finds Connor Dickson, the man she deceived in order to further her own agenda.

Forced to work together to stop a vampire drug dealer whose product is killing humans, Sami and Connor agree to keep their relationship professional, but she can’t get over the deep attraction she still has for him.

As someone from Sami’s past enters their world, she realizes that those from her former life could very well get her and Connor killed … and it will be up to her to save both of them.