Attacked by a demon. Rescued by an Angel of Death. A reincarnated princess with no clue of her past. 

When an astrological event causes the universal seals to break, the sleepy town of Saint’s Grove, Virginia, is overrun with paranormal entities.

In the mayhem, bakery owner, Arabella “Bella” Franklin is attacked by a demon, and Jayden, an Angel of Death, comes to her rescue. Unlike Bella, who cannot recall her past life, Jayden has never forgotten the passion they shared centuries earlier. Their reunion will give him an opportunity to rekindle their bond, as well as regain his life as a human. But first, he must convince Bella of her former life and the love they once felt for one another.

With only seven days until the universal seals repair, memories of Bella’s past life begin to surface, as does the knowledge that if she can’t kill the demon before the time is up, she-and possibly Jayden-may be forced to spend eternity in Hell.

**Formerly titled, Her Forbidden Knight***