On a fateful afternoon under the hot Arizona sun, firefighter Sydney Blake suffers an incident that leaves her with nightmares plaguing her and a good case of depression. Sydney’s best friend decides that Sydney needs the help of the online dating service, Match Made in Heaven, where trouble souls go to find peace.

Jordan Henley was the guy who had it all:  good looks and any woman he wanted.  After an accident that left him scarred, angry and suffering from his own nightmares, he signs up for Match Made in Heaven on a dare after some beers with his business partner.

Neither Jordan nor Sydney is prepared for exactly how well matched they really are, and how Match Made in Heaven can help them find the peace they both desperately need.



Sydney eyed the envelope for a few minutes before finally picking it up and laying the contents out on the old wooden table before her. According to the plane ticket, she would be leaving tomorrow at noon for Rocky Point, Mexico, for Corte Celestial Resort. She had never heard of it, and she’d been down to Rocky Point many times. Studying the brochure, she noticed the tagline: where troubled souls find peace.

Okay. She qualified for that.

And besides, with the white sand beaches, lazy rivers floating through the resort and magnificent views, what did she have to lose?

Nothing except her pride, when the man she was supposed to meet was waiting for a sexual siren ready to jump into bed with him, and he got a tomboy ex-fireman who couldn’t get past an event that happened a year ago, an event that had left her unable to sleep through the night, depressed and bogged down by guilt.

Sydney reviewed the brochure further, and found herself attracted to the scuba diving and surfing the resort offered. She studied the picture of the man she was supposed to have a date with and she liked what she saw, but she wasn’t shallow like that. For her, there had to more than just a pretty face.