Justice, head of SR44’s Rescue One, and his crew are enlisted by the Six Saviors to join the fight against the Colonist offspring that terrorize the city of Phoenix, leading to tension about leadership between Justice and the Saviors.
US Army Corporal Holly Lewis has dedicated her adult life to caring for her elder brother, who suffers from PTSD and severe depression. When she is framed for his violent murder, her world falls apart and she flees, causing her to unwittingly collide with Justice and the Saviors.
As Justice and Holly work together to find who killed her brother and prove her innocence, an unexpected attraction between them sparks and grows. However, Justice knows the relationship has been built on lies.
When the stress between Justice and the Saviors reaches critical levels, he knows he must share his secrets with Holly—it’s the moral thing to do. However, by doing so, he could put her or the Saviors in danger … and end up completely alone in his new world. Once Holly knows the truth, can their relationship survive the deceit?

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