This past weekend my husband took  me away to a boxing match in Indio, California, which is sort of part of Palm Springs.

“Oh, yuck,” I can hear some of you saying.  Not about the Palm Springs part, but the boxing.

Boxing is a great sport, and fun to watch.

Look at it this way, naysayers:  Ripped, half naked alpha men beating the crap out of each other.

Hopefully that will change your mind.

I knew boxing legend Evander Holyfield would be there, and I was going to get my picture taken with him if I had to box some people out of the way myself.  Some non-boxing fans may recognize the name.  This is the dude who got his ear bit off my Mike Tyson.  That should ring a few bells.

I didn’t have to throw any punches, just maybe do a little pushing.

So, here’s me and my new best friend, Evander Holyfield.