Ruined Goddess

The Persephone Trilogy

Reverse Harem

Book 1

A goddess. A monster. One fiery night of passion built on lies.

After attempting to exact her revenge on Hades for abducting her so many eons ago, Persephone has been stripped of her titles of queen and goddess. She has been sentenced to live a lonely life as a human in the small town of Saint’s Grove where she must hide her true identity. She trusts no one but is determined to finally live on her own terms.

Jack, Ian and Grizzy make up the band, Rowdy South. For centuries, they’ve traveled the world playing their soulful music with loneliness as Jack’s constant companion. But he knows no human will ever love a mythical monster like him, his true form hidden by magic.

When Jack and Persephone meet, the attraction is undeniable. After one intense night of fevered passion, they discover their mutual deception of their real identities, leading to an explosive argument and Persephone vowing never to trust Jack again.

But as a dangerous threat closes in on the band and Hades returns for unknown reasons, Persephone must decide if she continues to live her isolated existence, or should she take a chance at happiness and trust Jack?

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