A blind man with a dark past. A cold, jilted woman determined to take down her enemy.

 An explosion in the jungles of Guatemala left Marine Zachary Johnson completely blind—except when he stands in front a mirror. There, he garners snippets of the future.

As man with a dark past, Zach is recruited to help in the underground war against a clandestine faction of the government known as Group Nine.

Zach finds himself partnered with Ella Frolic, a cold, angry woman with a chip on her shoulder. As they work together toward their end goal, Zach is able to thaw Ella and they find themselves caught up in a whirlwind romance neither ever expected.

When the last phase of the plan to ensnare Group Nine goes terribly wrong, Zach ends up in their clutches.

Will Ella save her lover, or is she the one responsible for his capture?

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