A blind warrior. A broken oath. An adventure into the underbelly of humanity.

Cohen is consumed by sadness, anger, and guilt for breaking his vows to his beloved mate back home, and he makes a sacrificial oath to honor her in death.

Annis, also from his world, has a new human body but it  has restrictions—during the day she is blind, but once the sun goes down, her vision returns. As she struggles to find her place among those of her kind, she finds herself the target for Cohen’s unwarranted anger.

As the Forgotten Alien Warriors are forced into the underbelly of humanity to catch the evil from their world, danger from others of their race threaten to rip them apart. Cohen and Annis must face the ghosts of their pasts and try to sort out the tangled web of their lives.

Can mortal enemies become passionate lovers?

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Six Warriors. One Mission. 

Ultimately, readers who enjoy urban fantasy romance and J.R. Ward will enjoy the Forgotten Alien Warriors.