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Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love.  I believe love should be celebrated every day of the year!  That, my friend, is what romance is about!  Well, that and escaping reality through books with  hot men, but I digress.  As I usually do.

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And now for a little extra excerpt from The Light Within Me

Noah was pretty certain he had found heaven on Earth when Abby pulled him down on top of her.  He loved the feeling of the skin-on-skin contact, the way her soft curves met his hard body as they kissed.  She tried to undo his belt, but he pulled away.  He slid her jeans off, gaping at her naked body, silently thanking whoever was responsible for the design of the human female form for the absolute perfection.

He heard himself breathing heavily, and he wondered what he looked like.  He had to be glowing so hard he probably looked like he was spitting fire.  But Abby stared up at him as if nothing was wrong, and he reminded himself that humans could not see his skin glow.

He moved his hands over her breasts, down her ribcage, and circled her belly button.  He was surprised to see a small amount of brown curls at the top of her sex.  In every movie involving sex he had ever watched, the woman had been bare.

He let his finger travel into her secret flesh and felt like his balls had been jacked with a bolt of lightening, but in a really good way.  She was hot and slick.  He gently traced up the folds, and she began moving against his fingers.  He lay down next to her, letting her rub against his hand.  He knew his eyes should probably be closed, but he loved watching as he kissed her.  Her cheeks were turning pink, and she had a look pure enjoyment on her face. She repositioned herself a little, and suddenly his fingers were sliding deeper into her sex, and she continued moving.

He didn’t really know what to do, so he just kept kissing her, watching her move, trying to give her what she wanted as she gyrated against his hand.

He looked down at her breast, the hard pink tip beckoning him.  And who would he be to deny such an invitation?  He moved slightly so that he could suckle it again.  Seconds later, she grabbed his hair and pulled his face to her chest as her hips bowed off the couch.  He felt her sex go tight around his fingers, contracting and loosening and doing it all over again.  And again and again.  At first, he was terrified that he had hurt her, but then he looked at her face.  She didn’t look hurt in the least bit.  She looked like she was thoroughly enjoying herself.

This must be a human female orgasm, he thought.