Although Jovan is a figment of my imagination (I can’t tell you how bad that hurts to write!), while choosing cover images, I saw this one, gave a little girlie scream and yelled, “HE IS JOVAN!”

Actually, he’s not.

When I found out who the model was, I tracked him down via Sandy at

The Reading Cafe to get an interview.

Meet Sam Bond.

Not only is this guy incredibly good looking, but he sounds like an absolute sweetheart. When I first emailed him about an interview, he and his girlfriend had just adopted two kittens, and he was almost gushing about how cute they were.

Do you remember the show Gladiator? It was one of my favorites. Sam was Atlas.

Obviously, the guy is a fitness fanatic, and absolutely drug-free, which seems to be hard to find in these days.

Sam was kind enough to answer a few questions for me, so on to the interview …

 Which do you like better: Modelling or being a Gladiator? Why? 

Tough I did bits of everything, I never really considered myself a model, actor or presenter or anything like that really. It was just a chapter in my life where I was having a lot of fun. Doing the Gladiators show was absolutely terrific; you can’t buy experiences like being a Gladiator. I feel very privileged to have been involved. I’d say certainly that chapter has been over for a couple of years now but truth be told I’m training very hard and plan to train even harder next year to get back into shape. It’s my hope that I can start a new chapter and do some more fun stuff like that. TV commercials as an example.

(Note from Carly:  Um..back into shape??? Oh, my.)


If you could have the perfect date night, what would it be?

I would have loved my girlfriend to turn up on a motorbike one sunny afternoon and us both have ridden out to the cinema to watch a Marvel Action hero film. This would naturally have been followed by good food, good wine and good times.


 If you were to survive the zombie apocalypse with five other people, who would they be and why?

I love this kind of question. I’m going to have to make the assumption that they have to be alive today since we’re “survived”. I’ll choose famous people for the most part too otherwise it’s just not fun.

1 – My girlfriend Emily, as life without her would be less interesting and nowhere near as fun

2 – Jamie Oliver, a UK celebrity chef. We’re going to need to learn how to cook with what we’re left with
3 – Dara O’Briain, a UK stand up comic. We’re going to need to laugh at more than my poor “Dad jokes” and he’s a fairly smart man too so it makes good sense
4 – Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’d love to meet him (how predictable) and this might be a good opportunity to spend some time meeting an idol
5 – Stephen Fry, another UK TV personality and an extremely funny man. Let’s face it, with 5 of us we’re not going to last long so why fight it? Let’s go out laughing.

(Note from Carly – He’s totally going to kick ass during the apocalypse!)

Have you ever read any of the books where you are featured on a cover?

I haven’t no. I keep promising myself that I will as I have a few at home but I just haven’t got round to really getting stuck into one.

Describe a day in the life of Sam Bond.

This is always changing so I can only give you a snapshot. It’s not very fancy but I’m a creature of habit and really happy right now. Today I awoke to a bang and a thud. Em and I bought two kittens a couple of weeks ago and they’re absolute terrors. They’re incredibly cute though. I get up, get ready for work, play with the kittens for a few moments, then off to work. I do a standard day’s office work. I head straight to the gym, lift some heavy metal then return home. I eat as much as I can place my hands on then sit with Em and the cats generally playing around and having some laughs. At some point during the evening I’ll need to tidy up the Christmas tree which the cats will have inevitably destroyed in our absence.

Many thanks to Sam for giving me permission to use these photos for this post!

See? I told you. A sweetheart. 🙂

I wish Sam much success in his career, no matter what path he chooses, and I hope to see his image on many covers in the future!

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