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Today I’d like to introduce you to my latest release through Decadent Publishing titled Chica Bella. Things get downright sinful between a Navy SEAL and a fiery Mexican woman in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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Landon “Blackhawk” Walker is ready to get out of the Navy SEALs. He has seen and done enough, and can’t wait to get to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where three tasks await him: get back into civilian mode, take a boat out to the El Arco Rocks, and win back the heart of the woman he lost because of his career.

Maya Gonzalez has tired of the heartbreak that comes with Landon’s deployments year after year. When he walks back into her life again, she cannot deny her heart, despite her reservations. As they lose themselves in each other and the beauty of Cabo their passion is rekindled once again.

Maya knows that one phone call means deployment for Landon, putting an end to their reunion, and possibly their relationship.


When he took her in his arms, the relief of her decision washed through her. It was simple: she needed to be with him. Her body burned for him, her soul longed for him.
As he pressed his lips to hers, her knees went weak, and she quickly wrapped her hands around his neck to prevent her from falling to the ground in a heap of swooning woman.
It was as if he had never left, as if she had kissed him yesterday. She found she became comfortable in his arms as her body came close to reaching the boiling point where desire overran any rational thought.
“Landon,” she murmured into his lips.
“I’m right here, sugar, right here.”
His lips were everywhere—her neck, her lips, her earlobes. His hands…his hands were everywhere his lips weren’t—her breasts, her waist, her back, her hips.
His hands slid down her leg until it reached the hem of her sundress. She felt the breeze from the fan as the dress came up her thigh. His hand cupped her left buttock.
“Sweet Jesus, Maya,” his voice whispered in desperation as his hand slipped up to her lower back. “You’re going commando, honey. Are you trying to kill me?”

 Chica Bella is available at all major ebook retailers

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