Dear Reader,

If you haven’t read Roman, then please, move along because this post isn’t going to mean anything to you.

As we leave Roman, there are three couples in the house who are at odds:

Noah and Abby

Blake and Sophia

Hudson and Beverly

Unfortunately, I couldn’t wrap up their stories without taking away from Roman and Olivia.

So, what I have decided to do is make these three stories a novella. All will pick up right at this book, and the stories will end on Christmas Eve / Christmas Day, hence the Six Saviors Christmas title.

Get your copy today below!


Hudson and Beverly:
When Hudson discovers a troubling secret, Beverly decides she needs some space.
Will he be able to make things right with Beverly, and take care of his responsibilities?

Blake and Sophia:
As Sophia reveals troubling news, Blake’s past comes back to haunt him and causes a huge rift between him and Sophia.
Can Blake let go of his past, look to the future, and mend his relationship with Sophia?

Noah and Abby:
As new parents of a baby who doesn’t sleep more than a couple of hours at a time, Noah and Abby are having difficulties finding quality time to spend together, and they must find a way to close the huge gap that has developed between them.




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