Hey Sixers!

I hope all of you in the U.S. had a great Thanksgiving.  I simply wasn’t organized enough to get it together for last weeks SSS, but I’m back in action this week.  I’m still posting about my still untitled WIP about Faith and Rayner, which is the second in the series to The Light Within Me.

Seriously, these two are driving me to drink.

To set this up, Faith has just had a complete meltdown stemming from confusion over the signals she is getting from Rayner.  In true over dramatic hysterical female fashion, the meltdown  involved a lot of screaming,  a bit of cursing and a fist that didn’t connect with Rayner.  He is sending her home to the safety of her parents.  She doesn’t understand why they can’t be together, and thinks that perhaps she has misread his signals…

He then took her hand and laid it on the front of his jeans.

“You feel that Faith?” he whispered in her ear.

Oh, yes, she felt it. It was long and thick, and her body exploded in primal need and desire. Her mouth went dry and she was certain she wasn’t breathing.

“That,” he hissed, “has been my constant companion since the second I laid eyes on you.”


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And now back to Six Sentence Sunday!