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My last posts from my still untitled and unedited WIP have been about my hero, Hudson, who has been determined to commit suicide. To see my other posts, please go to Six Sentence Sunday above.

Today we meet Beverly.

Her lifestyle was more than comfortable— some would describe her uptown Manhattan apartment as plush, her way of life as privileged. And she supposed from the outside looking in, it was. There were parties with politicians,  dinners with famous people, the nice clothes, exotic vacations, expensive jewelry. Yet, if she ever took the time to think about it, she would describe her life as empty. The parties, dinners and her nice wardrobe weren’t what stood out in her mind. No, what took center stage in her frontal lobe was the lonely nights at home where she tried not to think about her solitary existence or her longing for what she wanted, for what she would trade all of it for…a family.

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