Thanks  for stopping by!  I’m sticking with Finding My Faith, which will be out in March.  Our friend Rayner has just taken a tongue lashing (and not the good kind) from Faith.  In a nutshell, she’s told him that he’s an ass.  After many words were exchanged…


Holy Christ, he wanted her even more when she yelled at him, and when she had come at him with him with that little fist, oblivious to their size difference, that had sent him right to the edge.  He would have to explore the psychiatry of that later.  Right now, he was busy teetering on a very dangerous slope.  He just wanted Faith.  He didn’t care about consequences, what would happen later, or what would happen in three minutes.  He was only in the moment, and the moment consisted of Faith’s hand on his raging erection.

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