Hi Sixers!

Thank you for stopping by this week.  I’m very excited as I have received my final edits from the editor for Finding My Faith, which will be out in March.  Releasing this book is a relief, but at the same time brings me sadness as I have become very attached to my imaginary friends, Rayner and Faith.  I’m sure some of you know what I mean.  🙂 When you’re ready to go back to Six Sentence Sunday, click the banner above.

In this snippet, Faith has been rescued from being kidnapped and almost dying.  Rayner is asking Faith what she would like for breakfast…


…Bacon?”  He hoped she said bacon.

“Ice cream with sprinkles,” she said, a smile taking the place of her scrutiny. 

“Ice cream for breakfast?”

“I almost died,” she said. “From now on, when I want dessert for breakfast, I’m going to have it.”