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Today I’m back to my WIP of the third book of the Six Savior Series, which is still untitled, and still unedited (head-desk).  This is Beverly’s POV…


His hands and mouth were everywhere, and she felt her body explode in desire again.  When he entered her, she gasped for a moment getting used to the invasion.  He hovered above her and looking at her with his dimple grin she loved so much.  He began moving slowly, and within minutes, she felt the tsunami within her building, getting stronger by the second.

As the waves overcame her, she felt Hudson’s strong arms encase her, and somewhere in the back of her mind she knew that she would never, ever experience anything like this again.

No man would ever compare to Hudson, sexually or otherwise, and she fought an almost overwhelming crush of sadness – but quickly pushed it aside –  as she allowed herself to be lost in him.

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