Thanks to all who dropped by last week to read my six!  I appreciate the comments!

I’m going to stick with Hidden in the Night, the story of Aiden, my bad boy vampire who had his heart shattered by the death of his mate.  Will he find his happily ever after, or will he stick with his plan of raising his son, and then ending his own life?



Aiden stood in the doorway of the staircase, his massive body taking up most of the space.  His eyes were dark and intense, and Holly was glad he had at least put the scrubs back on.  His bandages were still in place, and well, he looked like something left over from a war.  But even though he was hurt, he was an amazing sight of lethal, raw power, and Holly found herself speechless.  This was just the situation she didn’t want to be in.  She had no idea how to explain the mountain of a male that stood in the doorway to the stairs leading down to her room.