Hi Sixers!

Last week, after breaking up with Abby, Noah met her at a high brow function.  There he realized that he had been a stupid jackass, and …shall we say… practically accosted her in the hallway of the hotel.  He told her that he wants to start over in their relationship, and is desperate to do so.  She has asked him to back off a bit…

He backed up, but kept a hand planted on the wall on each side of her. He looked down at her as she spoke, hanging on every word, waiting for the yes he so desperately needed to hear.

“Noah, you…you hurt me,” Abby said as she looked down at her hands. She couldn’t have done more damage to him if she had taken out a knife and stabbed him forty-two times. He felt the pain of her statement lance through his body, ripping at his soul. When she looked back up at him, her eyes were shimmering with tears.

And now back to the greatness of Six Sentence Sunday