Hello all!

This week I’m sticking with my WIP, The Light Within Me.

I chose this six because I’m tired of the 100 plus degrees here in the Phoenix area, and this sounds pretty damn good.  🙂

The synopsis of the book:

Noah is a warrior from another universe down here on Earth hunting some pretty bad dudes from his own universe.  He is a man dedicated to his mission and has never swayed from it.

Until he meets Abby 🙂


As he spooned her from behind, he loved the way her body fit with his.  He wrapped his big arm around her waist and nestled his nose in her hair.  He listened to her soft sigh and decided it conveyed contentment.  The pitter-patter of the rain outside along with the low hum of the T.V. lulled him even further.  He didn’t have time to fight it.  Sleep rolled up on him like a tornado and sucked him down like a Hoover.

I also inadvertently put up the wrong link on last weeks SSS, but I was getting ready to have surgery and using the term scatterbrained to describe me would have been an understatement.  If you would like to check it out, please go here

Thank you for stopping by, and I now return you to the brilliance of  Six Sentence Sunday