This week I sent Rayner and Faith from Finding My Faith  out into the world.  To celebrate, Elise Marion over at Romance Writer’s Reads is throwing me a release party.  Head over, say hi and enter to win a copy of Finding My Faith.

Elise whips up a fabulous margarita! 🙂

And to those who are in the tornado hit area, my prayers are with you!

Thanks for stopping by,  and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

This is from my still untitled and unedited WIP.  Meet Beverly…

She took a sip of her second gin and tonic, and reflected with cool and calm the drink brought to her on what had put her in this plane from New York on the way to Phoenix, Arizona, of all places.

She caught her reflection in the window.  Her early-twenty something reflection was really a late-twenty, well, an almost thirty something.  Her blond hair swirled around her slim shoulders, the light catching three different shades that had been intricately weaved into the strands by her very expensive, very talented hair stylist.  She couldn’t meet her emerald green eyes in the reflection for more than a few seconds.  It was simply too painful. 


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