Today I’m happy to feature The Wolf’s Maine by Jinni James. Jinni has written a post on writer’s block, and then we’ll take a look at the book.


Writer’s Block.  It happens to every one.  I bet most of the great writer’s of all time have suffered from writer’s block.  The trick is how to overcome it.  I suffered from writer’s block for years when I was married before.  I was in such a bad place in my life that I could not write.  I would write a few pages but then I would hit a wall and could not think of ways to continue on.  This really depressed me because writing has always been a passion of mine and to not be able to think of anything to write about was just torture.  Once I decided to get a divorce I moved out with my daughters, moved in with my parents, went back to school, got a job, and then met my soul mate.  I found what real love was and how it should be and then suddenly the doors in my mind opened up then I began writing again.  It was like someone flicked a light switch on in my brain.  I just started writing and could not stop.  However, I did hit little minor road blocks along the way.  I would get to another chapter and would just get stuck.  I would have no clue what to do next for my characters.

Now I have found a solution that seems to work for me so far.  When I do hit a bump in the road I stop.  I stop everything I am doing and close my eyes.  I’ll take a break, listen to some music, watch television, or read a book.  Sometimes I will even stop for the night and sleep on it.  Usually the idea is floating around in my brain somewhere and once I get some sleep the idea pops to the front of my brain in the morning.  It may be when I wake up or it may be in the car on the way to work but lately it just pops in there.  I have even taken a few days off from writing to give my brain a break and then once I go back to it I know what I want to do.  It is amazing what some little things will do for my writing.

These days I am just so happy to finally be following my dream to become a writer.  The Wolfs Maine is my first novel to be published and I am currently working on my next novel.  I hope if you pick one up that you enjoy it.  Thanks for having me today!


Genre:  Paranormal Romance

ISBN:  147838431X

ASIN: 978-1478384311

Number of pages: 206

Word Count:  55,702

Cover Artist:  Elaina Lee with For the Muse Designs

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 Book Description:  

 Avalon felt like her life was set on repeat. Every new day was just like the one before until Avalon’s friends talk her into venturing out and leaving her dead end marriage behind. Little did she know that she would meet her soul mate face to face and that he would ignite a desire in her that she never knew existed. John had been watching over Avalon ever since her parents died when she was three but she had no clue.

She had only been talking to him online for two years. She slowly learns that there is a whole world and a whole story she had not known about involving every one she knows and cares for. Her husband Nicholas is not the man she thought him to be, if he is a man at all and John seems to be more than he lets on as well. Avalon soon discovers the hidden truths but can she handle it? With Nicholas seeking vengeance can John and her friends help her?


My breath stops as he gets closer to me.  Then I see him.  He is even more gorgeous than his picture.  He has such beautiful features, dark as night hair, beautiful green eyes that I could lose myself in, six feet of total perfection standing in front of me in jeans and a black sweater.  “Ava dear. Breathe.”  I let out a long breath that I hadn’t realized I was still holding but yet I still can’t talk.  I am just frozen which wouldn’t be a surprise standing out here but I am not even cold, just a complete statue.  This man in front of me can’t be interested in me, there is just no way.  He could have any beautiful, tall, blonde chick he wanted.  That is the only type of woman that would look right standing next to him.  “Ava. Are you ok?”  I just stare at him but I did manage a “I..uh..I..yes.”  He giggles as he walks up to me and wraps his arms around me for a hug.  “I have been waiting for this moment for so long.  I am so happy you decided to come over.  I hope you do not feel uncomfortable at my home.”  No, I just feel uncomfortable with how beautiful he is.  “Thank you for having me.”  “Ah, she talks!” He lets out a laugh again and I can feel myself manage a smile.

 About the Author

Jinni James is an administrative assistant, wife, and mother of two girls as well as a step mother based in Huntsville, Alabama.  Since child hood she has written many short stories and poems but never dreamed of writing a novel.  She attempted to write many stories but never finished.  Finally she was in the perfect place in her life to write a story that had been invading her thoughts and dreams for a very long time.  That story blossomed into her first novel The Wolfs Maine.  She is now currently working on her next novel.