Thanks to everyone who stopped by for the Holiday Blog Hop!

I wrote down everyone’s name and threw them in hats depending on what book you wanted, then had my seven year old son do the drawing.  He was excited  🙂





So here are the results:

Shackled to the Night goes to:  Suzanne H.

Hidden in the Night goes to:  Mary

The Light Within Me goes to:  Fedora

Each winner will be email privately.

Thanks again to all who stopped by.  If you are a big reader, 2012 is going to be a very, very exciting and busy year for me.  I will be holding contest and doing many promotional activities with other authors that mean big freebies for you.  For instance, those of you who have read Shackled to the Night know that Thaddeus and Emily are expecting a baby!  I need your help to give a name to the little darling!  To be notified when all this awesomeness takes place,  please just enter your name and address in the big green box to the right.

Happy Holidays to all, and I hope Santa leaves something super sweet in your stocking.

With Love,