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The Supernatural Renegades 

Their lives are in jeopardy at every turn …

When a group of marines is caught in an explosion, each comes home with a supernatural ability.
Brody can control the ocean. Garrett shifts into a bear. Lucas possesses the psychic abilities to see people dying before they actually do, while Ruben can start fires with his mind. Zach discovers he can see the future when looking in the mirror … even though he’s blind. Jordan was left without an ability … or was he?

Each of these seven stories takes you on a wild ride where the men fight to stay alive against a powerful government. Bonds are formed and hearts are broken. Betrayal and deceit lie around every corner. And, an unexpected hero helps each marine finally discover peace … and love.

If you love paranormal romance with suspense, you’ll love the Supernatural Renegades!

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