Hi Sixers!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you much happiness, health and success in 2012!


I’m happy to announce that Finding My Faith, the story of Rayner and Faith is at the editors!  So, I’ve started the sequel, which doesn’t have a title at this point.

This six is from there:

So this is what it felt like to die.

He had planned his death to be fast and painless.  A simple shot to the head by his own hand.  He didn’t know if he would feel the initial penetration, but he figured after the bullet did a blender on his brain, that initial feeling would be a moot point.

Things quite hadn’t worked out that way.  No, instead he was tied to a chair in nothing but a pair of boxers, his life slowly draining from him by the cuts of his attackers knife.

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Oh yes!  I also got to interview a prince!