Hi everyone,

Thanks again for stopping by this week.  I’m continuing with my untitled WIP from last week.  To see last weeks, please go here.

Just to remind you:  My hero, Hudson, had planned to commit suicide, but his plans were derailed, and instead he finds himself tied to a chair being slowly killed by his attacker.

Why, if he was so close to death, wasn’t he numb?  He sure as shit felt like the grim reaper was knocking on the door, so why was he feeling everything?  He had heard that was the way that it went.  You got close to death, and your brain shut down, causing your body to go numb so that you didn’t feel the pain.

But Hudson’s pain radiated from the inside out.  No matter what was done to his physical form, it couldn’t compare to the absolutely agony that he had held in his soul for the past twenty-six years, when he lost the only woman he had ever loved.

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