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I’m going back to my WIP, Finding My Faith, which will be released in March.

Of course, this is Faith and Rayner…


“Don’t say another word, Faith,” he whispered.  “Just don’t.”

He closed his eyes and brought a lock of her hair up to his nose, smelling the fresh mountain breeze scent he had come to associate with Faith.  His chest grew tight, his breathing became more labored as the silky strands whispered across his skin.  He wanted her with a ferocity that bordered on insanity.  What beat within him now was nothing but raw male need, all pretenses of manners and gentlemanly etiquette long gone.

This weekend I’m hosting author Camelia Miron Skiba.  She’s giving away an ebook of her newest release, A World Apart (a romance),  and has a fascinating post about growing up in Communist Romania.  To check out the book, the post, and to sign up to win, please go here

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