For this weeks six, I’m going with a WIP.  This hasn’t been edited, so please excuse any errors.  The tentative title is  The Light Within Me

My hero, Noah, has finally found a woman that he wants to be with.  Unfortunately, due to his duty and honor to his job, he had to break up with Abby a while ago.  And he’s not happy about it 🙂

It wasn’t just the tuxedo that had him on the way far south side of a bad mood. He had been cranky and irritable since the last time he hung up the phone with Abby, and he knew it. Never one for a high patience level, his tolerance for everything and everyone around him had hovered at zero the past few weeks. None of the warriors he lived with wanted to spend any time with him anymore, and he was pretty much an outcast in his own home. He worked alone, ate alone, and felt sorry for himself…alone.

Not a day had gone by where he hadn’t thought of Abby, and he found himself hating his life and the reflection in the mirror a little more each time he met his own eyes.

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