A broken heart. A child in danger. A fight for freedom.

As Blake’s life quickly spins out of control with substance abuse, a series of volatile events leaves him banned from the Six Saviors with nowhere to go.

Sophia, an SR44 female of royalty, lives with her daughter in captivity and in fear of the world beyond her front door.

When Blake falls into the enemy’s hands and becomes deathly ill, Sophia is the one to care for him. As he tries to gain his freedom by combating her beliefs of the outside world with the truth, a bond is formed, as well as attraction.

It becomes apparent to Sophia that her daughter is in dire danger from their captor and she must quickly decide whether to trust Blake. If she does, she can save her daughter from a distressing future at the hands of a madman. If she doesn’t, it could mean death for them all.

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Six Warriors. One Mission. 

Ultimately, readers who enjoy urban fantasy romance and J.R. Ward will enjoy the Forgotten Alien Warriors.