He has nothing to live for. She must try to save him… if she can survive.

After the murder of the one he loved, Titus struggles every day to find the will to live.

Macy, an SR44ian Healer, has worked relentlessly to help Titus move on with his life, but has been met with severe ingratitude.

To the surprise of them both, the two bond and eventually become lovers. However, it is understood that Titus’ dead mate will always have his heart.

When Macy falls into the torturous hands of their mortal enemy, she finds strength she never imagined. Titus realizes just how desperately he needs Macy in his life … and he’ll stop at absolutely nothing to get her back.

But can the dead kill the love of the living?

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Six Warriors. One Mission. 

Ultimately, readers who enjoy urban fantasy romance and J.R. Ward will enjoy the Forgotten Alien Warriors.