An FBI profiler. A party-boy alien. Secrets that will change both their lives.

In pursuit of a missing piece of his life, Roman, a stranger to Earth, finds himself in Phoenix, where the nightlife greets him with a bevy of eager women and a deluge of trouble, the likes of which he’s never seen.

For FBI Profiler Olivia Waterhouse, her assigned serial killer case isn’t just a job – it’s personal. When her connection is discovered, she’s quickly moved to a project—one shrouded in secrecy.

A chance encounter with Roman leads to a night of unbridled passion, but it ends with one of them being held prisoner in a clandestine government facility.

When they meet again deep in the bowels of a secret military building, the damage has already been done—betrayal and half-truths have caused a rift between them. As they fight to forge an escape plan, an alarming secret unfolds… a secret that will forever change the lives of one of the original Six Saviors.

In order to save themselves, Roman and Olivia will have to trust each other, and in the process, they find out that their lives are far more intertwined than either could have ever imagined.

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Six Warriors. One Mission. 

Ultimately, readers who enjoy urban fantasy romance and J.R. Ward will enjoy the Forgotten Alien Warriors.